1. 28 Mar, 2003 2 commits
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      allow keyboard activation. · c3519365
      Michael Natterer authored
      2003-03-28  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.c
      	(gimp_cell_renderer_toggle_activate) *
      	(gimp_cell_renderer_viewable_activate): allow keyboard activation.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrendererviewable.c
      	(gimp_cell_renderer_viewable_render): fixed the if() which resets
      	the renderer's border color to black. Fixes layer borders to be
      	always correct now.
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      check for event != NULL to avoid crashing when the cell is activated using · bc9ef72c
      Sven Neumann authored
      2003-03-28  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.c
      	(gimp_cell_renderer_toggle_activate): check for event != NULL to
      	avoid crashing when the cell is activated using the keyboard.
  2. 20 Mar, 2003 1 commit
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      pass the modifier mask as GdkModifierType instead of guint. · 166078e1
      Sven Neumann authored
      2003-03-20  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* libgimpwidgets/gimpbutton.[ch]: pass the modifier mask as
      	GdkModifierType instead of guint.
      	* app/core/gimpmarshal.list
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.c
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrendererviewable.c
      	* app/widgets/gimppreview.c: use proper marshallers for signals
      	that take flags as parameters.
      	* app/core/gimpcontext.c: added the G_SIGNAL_TYPE_STATIC_SCOPE flag
      	to the GimpRGB signal parameter.
      2003-03-20  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* libgimpwidgets/libgimpwidgets.types
      	* libgimpwidgets/tmpl/gimpbutton.sgml
      	* libgimpwidgets/tmpl/gimppickbutton.sgml: improved.
  3. 19 Mar, 2003 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.[ch] added public functions to emit the · 0b401af4
      Michael Natterer authored
      2003-03-19  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.[ch]
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrendererviewable.[ch]: added public
      	functions to emit the "clicked" signal.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcontainertreeview.c: use them instead of
      	* app/widgets/Makefile.am
      	* app/widgets/gimpcontainertreeview-dnd.[ch]: new files
      	implementing DND for tree views.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcontainertreeview.[ch]: added virtual
      	functions drop_possible() and drop().
      	* app/widgets/gimpitemtreeview.c
      	* app/widgets/gimplayertreeview.c: implement drop_possible()
      	and drop().
  4. 17 Mar, 2003 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Made drawable/layer properties (visibility, opacity etc.) undoable (fixes · 884b3aa7
      Michael Natterer authored
      2003-03-17  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	Made drawable/layer properties (visibility, opacity etc.)
      	undoable (fixes bug #73893).
      	* app/core/core-enums.[ch]: added undo types/groups for
      	visibility, mode, opacity, linked and preserve_trans.
      	* app/core/Makefile.am
      	* app/core/core-types.h
      	* app/core/gimpitemundo.[ch]: new GimpUndo subclass which holds a
      	ref'ed GimpItem pointer so (1) this doesn't need to be done by all
      	undo steps related to an item and (2) the item the undo step is
      	for can be determined from outside the undo system.
      	* app/core/gimpimage-undo.[ch]: added gimp_image_undo_push_item()
      	which returns a new GimpItemUndo.
      	* app/core/gimpimage-undo-push.[ch]: use it for all item related
      	undo steps. Removed lots of GimpItem, GimpLayer, GimpDrawable
      	and GimpVectors pointers from the private undo structs. Added
      	undo push functions for the new undo types added above.
      	* app/core/gimpdrawable.[ch] (gimp_drawable_set_visible): added
      	"gboolean push_undo" parameter.
      	* app/core/gimplayer.[ch] (gimp_layer_set_opacity, _mode,
      	_preserve_trans, _linked): added "gboolean push_undo" parameters.
      	* app/core/gimpimage-mask.c
      	* app/core/gimpimage-merge.c
      	* app/core/gimplayer-floating-sel.c
      	* app/tools/gimpmovetool.c
      	* app/xcf/xcf-load.c
      	* app/widgets/gimpdrawablelistitem.c
      	* app/widgets/gimplayerlistitem.c
      	* app/widgets/gimplayerlistview.c: changed accordingly.
      	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/channel.pdb
      	* tools/pdbgen/pdb/layer.pdb: ditto. Added '$undo' paramaters to
      	the foo_accessors() functions. Removed $func from foo_accesors()
      	because we don't manipulate items without using getters/setters
      	any longer.
      	* app/pdb/channel_cmds.c
      	* app/pdb/layer_cmds.c: regenerated.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.[ch]: added "clicked" signal
      	which carries an additional "GdkModifierType state" parameter as
      	in GimpCellRendererViewable .
      	* app/widgets/gimpcontainertreeview.c: emit "clicked" from
      	the toggle renderer, not "toggled" so the callbacks get the
      	modifier state.
      	* app/widgets/gimpdrawabletreeview.c: resurrected the "exclusive
      	visible by <shift>+click" feature as in 1.2.
      	* app/widgets/gimplayertreeview.c: compress layer opacity undos by
      	looking at the top of the undo stack and not pushing an undo if
      	there already is a GIMP_UNDO_DRAWABLE_OPACITY for the active
  5. 16 Mar, 2003 1 commit
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      Added GtkTreeView versions of layers/channels/vectors: · 205cdf13
      Michael Natterer authored
      2003-03-16  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	Added GtkTreeView versions of layers/channels/vectors:
      	* app/core/core-enums.[ch]: renamed GIMP_UNDO_GROUP_LAYER_PROPERTIES
      	* app/core/gimpcontainer.c (gimp_container_reorder): don't try
      	to reorder containers with num_children == 1.
      	* app/core/gimpmarshal.list: added VOID: STRING, UINT marshaller.
      	* app/widgets/Makefile.am
      	* app/widgets/widgets-types.h
      	* app/widgets/gimpchanneltreeview.[ch]
      	* app/widgets/gimpdrawabletreeview.[ch]
      	* app/widgets/gimpitemtreeview.[ch]
      	* app/widgets/gimplayertreeview.[ch]
      	* app/widgets/gimpvectorstreeview.[ch]: new widgets.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.c: draw the frame only if the
      	cell is prelit.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrendererviewable.[ch]: added "clicked"
      	signal, unref the renderer in finalize(). Set the renderer's
      	border color to black if the cell is not selected (a hack that
      	saves tons of code in GimpLayerTreeView).
      	* app/widgets/gimpcomponenteditor.c: no need to gtk_list_store_set()
      	stuff we just got from the store.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcontainertreeview.[ch]: added lots of state used
      	by the new subclasses to the GimpContainerTreeView struct.  Create
      	the GtkListStore/GtkTreeView in GObject::constructor() and only
      	collect parameters in init() so subclasses can modify store/view
      	creation. Do most of the button_press_event stuff manually and
      	return TRUE from the handler.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcontainerview.c: cleanup.
      	* app/widgets/gimpitemlistview.h
      	* app/widgets/gimpvectorslistview.h: temp hacks before they die.
      	* app/widgets/gimppreviewrenderer.[ch]: added
      	gimp_preview_renderer_update_idle() which idle-emits "update"
      	without invalidating.
      	* app/gui/dialogs-constructors.[ch]
      	* app/gui/dialogs.c: added constructors for the new dialogs.
      	* app/gui/channels-commands.c
      	* app/gui/channels-menu.c
      	* app/gui/layers-commands.c
      	* app/gui/layers-menu.c
      	* app/gui/vectors-commands.c
      	* app/gui/vectors-menu.c: accept tree views as callback data.
  6. 13 Mar, 2003 3 commits
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      don't expose the internal term "component", use "channel" instead. · 2008e01c
      Sven Neumann authored
      2003-03-13  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* app/gui/channels-commands.c: don't expose the internal term
      	"component", use "channel" instead.
      2003-03-13  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* POTFILES.in
      	* de.po: updated.
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.c handle RTL layout. · 0a8064f5
      Sven Neumann authored
      2003-03-13  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.c
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrendererviewable.c: handle RTL layout.
    • Michael Natterer's avatar
      fixed size calculation, removed padding and the spacing between the icon · 5f683034
      Michael Natterer authored
      2003-03-13  Michael Natterer  <mitch@gimp.org>
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.c: fixed size calculation,
      	removed padding and the spacing between the icon and the frame
      	around it.
      	* app/widgets/gimpwidgets-utils.[ch]: added gimp_get_icon_size()
      	which returns the best matching icon size for a given allocation.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcomponenteditor.[ch]: adjust the eye icon's
      	size according to the preview_size.
      	* app/widgets/gimppreviewrenderer.c
      	(gimp_preview_renderer_default_render_stock): use gimp_get_icon_size()
      	* app/widgets/gimpcomponenteditor.c
      	* app/widgets/gimpcontainertreeview.c: iterate the tree model
      	using a for() loop instead of nested if() { do { } while() }
  7. 12 Mar, 2003 1 commit
    • Sven Neumann's avatar
      app/widgets/Makefile.am app/widgets/widgets-types.h added a new · a83554d0
      Sven Neumann authored
      2003-03-12  Sven Neumann  <sven@gimp.org>
      	* app/widgets/Makefile.am
      	* app/widgets/widgets-types.h
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrenderertoggle.[ch]: added a new cell_renderer
      	derived from GtkCellRendererToggle.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcomponenteditor.c: use the new cell_renderer.
      	* app/widgets/gimpcellrendererviewable.[ch]: fixed a few typos and
      	removed some redundant casts.