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      Issue #3990: make the status of the XCF docs a bit clearer (hopefully). · 80e2e0a5
      Jehan authored
      Though it may have started as an unofficial document, it is clearly now
      an official one (which should be obvious since it is in our source
      repository, but apparently some people get misled by the historical
      "Status" text to think this to be somehow unofficial).
      So first of all, change the s/official/unofficial/ mention.
      Secondly, add a small paragraph explicitly telling that the document is
      complete (and meant to be), to the best of our knowledge. This document
      is a detailed, full and exhaustive written "specification" of the XCF
      format up to GIMP 2.10.x (even though the normative spec is still the
      code itself). Now we are humans, we may have missed something, and if
      so, this is just to be considered as any other bug, and reported to us
      nicely to be fixed.
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      Issue #2604 - XCF saving bug in xcf_save_buffer() · 2168d91c
      Ell authored
      The NULL terminator of the tile-offset array of dummy buffer-levels
      is erroneously written as an int32, instead of an offset, even in
      version-11+ XCFs, in which offsets are 64-bit.
      Since the dummy levels aren't actually used by GIMP, we're going to
      keep these fields as int32 as an exception, in order to remain
      consistent with existing XCFs, and just add a comment in the code,
      and update the docs.  If we ever make use of the higher buffer
      levels, we should change these fields to offsets, and bump the XCF
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      Review, amend and update the XCF file format spec and parasites.txt · 8b55983f
      Sven Claussner authored
      XCF spec:
      - Update to GIMP 2.8.10
      - Clarify role of file formats in the save-vs.-export-context
      - Rearrange outline
      - Collect infos on basic concepts in one chapter
      - Add table of contents
      - Add File format version history
      - Add note on image size
      - Add open questions and TODOs
      - Sort properties alphabetically
      - Unify tiles and hierarchy examples
      - Wording
      - Cosmetic cleanups
      Extract compositing.txt from xcf.txt
      Update parasites.txt:
      - Replace SVN->Git
      - Update contact e-mail address
      - Add table of contents
      Cherry-picked from commit a83791be
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