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    • Ell's avatar
      libgimpbase: use abbreviations for GimpGradientType · f80f3321
      Ell authored
      Move the abbreviated descriptions to the "abbrev" parameter, and
      use full strings for the descriptions.
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      libgimpbase, app: add abbreviations to gradient enums · d3e527a9
      Ell authored
      The value descriptions of GimpGradientColor,
      GimpGradientSegmentColor, and GimpGradientSegmentType enums appear
      in the on-canvas gradient editor UI, as combo-box items in the tool
      GUI overlay.  Since we want to keep the overlay as small as
      possible, we previously used abbreviations for these descriptions
      (e.g., "FG (t)", instead of "Foreground (transparent)").
      Replace the abbreviated descriptions with unabbreviated ones, and
      move the abbreviations to the "abbrev" parameter.  This way we get
      the abbreviated version in the combo-box, and the full version in
      the combo-box's menu.
    • Ell's avatar
      */Makefile.am: add abbreviations to generated enum files · f7d6805e
      Ell authored
      Update the dprod production of generated enum files to include
      abbreviated value descriptions, as per the previous commits.
      Add a comment for translators above the abbreviated descriptions,
      specifying the full description they abbreviate.
    • Ell's avatar
      libgimpbase: add gimp_{enum,flags}_value_get_abbrev() · 7df42758
      Ell authored
      Add support for specifying an abbreviated description for enum/
      flags values, which can be used in contexts where the full
      description is too long.
      Since the exact layout and size of Gimp{Enum,Flags}Desc is part of
      the ABI, we can't simply add a field to these structs to hold the
      abbreviated description.  Instead, we use the fact that entries
      with a repeated value in the value descriptions array are ignored,
      and that the array is NULL terminated (in particular, that all non-
      NULL entries are followed by at least one additional entry), and
      specify the abbreviation in the "value_desc" field of the entry
      that immediately follows the initial entry for a given value,
      setting the "value" field of both entries to the same value.
      Right now this behavior is undocumented, so there is no proper way
      to specify abbreviated descriptions in the API, and is only meant
      to be used in generated enum files.
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    • Jehan's avatar
      libgimpbase: minor tab cleaning. · cb023262
      Jehan authored
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      enums: run gimp-mkenums from the build dir · 5bcde32c
      Ell authored
      Commit 1e6acbd4 modified the
      generated enum recipes to run gimp-mkenums from the source
      directory, instead of the build directory, so that only the
      basenames of the corresponding header files would appear in
      the comment at the top of the generated files.  This was a
      mistake -- $(GIMP_MKENUMS) is expecting to be invoked from the
      build directory.
      Switch back to running gimp-mkenums from the build directory.  To
      avoid including the relative path from the build directory to the
      source directory in the generated file, add a @basename@ production
      variable to gimp-mkenums, which exapnds to the basename of the
      input file, and use it instead of @filename@ in the recipes for the
      generated enum files.
  23. 22 May, 2017 1 commit
    • Ell's avatar
      enums: don't write generated enum files to src-dir if unchanged · f9fa0d1b
      Ell authored
      When regenerating an enum file, don't copy it back to the source
      directory if it hasn't actually changed.  This allows using a read-
      only source directory where the enum header is newer than the
      generated file, as long as they're not really out of sync.
      OTOH, *do* touch the generated source-dir file even when unchanged,
      in order to avoid re-running its recipe on the next build, however,
      allow this to silently fail (which is harmless).
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    • Elle Stone's avatar
      Bug 780065 - Change default way to desaturate to Luminance · 48e40446
      Elle Stone authored
      which unlike HSL Lightness is actually physically meaningful and
      also generally speaking much more useful than HSL Lightness.
      Change "Lightness" to "Lightness (HSL)" to make it clear that
      the "Lightness" in the Colors/Desaturate/Desaturate menu is not the
      same as "Lightness" in LAB/LCH.
      For completeness add the option to desaturate to "Value (HSV)".
      Add links in app/operations/gimpoperationdesaturate.c
      to the Wikipedia article with definitions of L/I/V in HSL/HSI/HSV.
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