1. 21 Sep, 2019 5 commits
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      Fix various typos · 44d10e45
      luzpaz authored
      Found via `codespell` (v1.17.0.dev0)
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      meson: minor formatting fixes. · 7806021a
      Jehan authored
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      meson: fix relocatable-bundle feature and mypaint-brushes dependency. · 738dab0f
      Jehan authored
      It must not be a boolean but a `feature` option, with `auto` by default.
      `auto` value mean enabled for macOS and Win32, and disabled for other
      cases. This default logics disappeared in the meson build.
      Also the mypaint-brushes package is a mandatory dependency, which must
      always be checked. Absence is fatale.
      Finally properly set the MYPAINT_BRUSHES_DIR macro depending on the
      proper relocatable case.
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      meson: fix several checks. · b327e0ff
      Jehan authored
      For pango and libbacktrace, we only need a compilation/link test. No run
      is needed.
      As for the exchndl (Windows only), this is an optional feature, hence
      should not be a fatale check.
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      meson: fix glib-networking check when cross-compiling. · b8c34c41
      Jehan authored
      3 cases are possible:
      - in native build, the test must succeed and is a fatale error.
      - in cross-compilation, if no `exe_wrapper` binaries were set in the
        toolchain file, we just bypass the check, yet still output a warning
        so that packagers won't forget to add the dependency.
      - in cross-compilation with an `exe_wrapper` (for instance `wine` for a
        win32 target), we run the check. Even if it fails, we don't make it a
        fatale error then simply output a warning as cross-platform execution
        are not always reliable anyway.
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