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      app: Add the concept of 'side' of a dock · 2d5ffd4f
      Martin Nordholts authored
      Add GimpDockContainer::get_dock_side() and write that info in the
      sessionrc file. In single-window mode, a dock can be either on the
      left or right side of the image window. In a dock window however, the
      side concept doesn't apply ('side' has nothing to do with what column
      a dock is in in a GimpDockColumns)
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      app: Introduce gimp_dialog_factory_get_singleton() · 11b1300b
      Martin Nordholts authored
      Instead of including dialogs/dialogs.h everywhere, introduce
      gimp_dialog_factory_get_singleton(). The dialog factory singleton is
      still initialized by dialogs.c though.
      Right now the assumption is that we never will have another dialog
      factory instance around. There were so many problems before when we
      had four of them, so let's just keep one of them around.
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      app: Merge 'global_toolbox_factory' into 'global_dock_factory' · 1093462a
      Martin Nordholts authored
      Get rid of 'global_toolbox_factory' and manage everything dock-related
      with 'global_dock_factory'. The whole of 'global_toolbox_factory' was
      a big special-case and getting rid of it makes it easier to extend the
      session management with e.g. single-window mode dock functionality.
      To get rid of 'global_toolbox_factory' we, roughly, have to
       * Replace 'global_toolbox_factory' with 'global_dock_factory'
         everywhere. We can also get rid of lots of code that did special
         things for the "toolbox" factory.
       * Make the use or interaction with the toolbox explicit in some
         places. For example, a function gimp_dock_window_has_toolbox() has
         been introduced.
       * Make GimpSessionInfoDock have an 'identifier' parameter so we can
         differentiate between the "gimp-dock" and "gimp-toolbox" dock
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      app: Set a GimpContext on GimpDockColumns · 4fcd3024
      Martin Nordholts authored
      In order to make a GimpDock get hold of a GimpContext both in
      single-window mode and in multi-window mode, don't make it look for a
      GimpContext in a GimpDockWindow, put the context in GimpDockColumns
      instead. GimpDockColumns exists both in s-w-m and m-w-m, contrary to
      GimpDockWindow. Still use the GimpDockWindow as a backup though.
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      app: Don't crash when detaching dockables from image window · 65c5541f
      Martin Nordholts authored
      Don't crash when detaching dockables from the image window. This
      scenario only occurs in single-window mode. We solve it by using
      global variables and checking for NULL for src_dock_window; there is
      no dock window when detaching from the image window.
      The use of global variables is meant to be temporary.
  25. 05 Dec, 2009 2 commits
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      Move the Image Selection Menu to GimpDockWindow · 1bf84999
      Martin Nordholts authored
      Move the Image Selection Menu from GimpMenuDock to
      GimpDockWindow. That is, if a dock window contains many docks then
      they will share the same Image Selection Menu.
      To do this we need to move around quite a bit of code. Move the
      "context", "dialog-factory" and "ui-manager" properties from GimpDock
      to GimpToolbox, GimpMenuDock doesn't need it any longer. Turn the
      GimpDock getters for these properties into wrappers that go to the
      GimpDockWindow properties. In some places, most notably GimpToolbox
      construction, we use the GimpToolbox values of these properties, but
      most of the time it works fine to just use the GimpDockWindow
      properties. GimpDock::setup() and set/get_aux_info() have also been
      moved to GimpDockWindow since the only aux info for docks was for the
      image selection menu.
      Also, we don't bother porting gimp_menu_dock_destroy() to
      GimpDockWindow, but we leave the code around. If this is a problem, it
      will show.
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      app: Only do necessary init in gimp_dock_window_init() · cb854e6a
      Martin Nordholts authored
      The private instance data struct is zeroed out for us so we don't need
      to assign NULL, FALSE and 0 to private instance data members in
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    • Martin Nordholts's avatar
      app: Make GimpDockColumns listen to "dock-removed" · a6855087
      Martin Nordholts authored
      Make GimpDockColumns listen to "dock-removed", not "dockbook-removed",
      when trying to figure out when to destroy itself. Fixes some crashes
      when rearranging the UI, for example when doing this step-by-step:
      1. Have two dock windows with one dockable each, say A and B
      2. Move A to B's dock window and make it multi-column
      3. Try to detach B, will result in a crash
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