Commit fa2a1fd7 authored by Alexandre Prokoudine's avatar Alexandre Prokoudine

icons: lazy fixes for icons in the Help menu

It appears that GTK+/GNOME don't have an icon with
"help-browser" ID anymore, but we have exactly the icon
that is needed for two menu entries.

Also, the menu entry for "Search and Run..." was using
a system icon for finding stuff, which looked wrong when
used with a symbolic theme.

We could come up with something overly clever like
a dedicated CLI/terminal icon, but people would expect
a magnifier instead (judging by what Blender does)
and that's what we already use for the Zoom tool.
Hence the lazy fix.
parent 49e60ae7
......@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@ static const GimpStringActionEntry dialogs_toplevel_actions[] =
{ "dialogs-action-search", GIMP_ICON_EDIT_FIND,
{ "dialogs-action-search", GIMP_ICON_TOOL_ZOOM,
NC_("dialogs-action", "_Search and Run a Command"), "slash",
NC_("dialogs-action", "Search commands by keyword, and run them"),
......@@ -37,13 +37,13 @@ static const GimpActionEntry help_actions[] =
{ "help-menu", NULL, NC_("help-action", "_Help") },
{ "help-help", "help-browser",
{ "help-help", "gimp-prefs-help-system",
NC_("help-action", "_Help"), "F1",
NC_("help-action", "Open the GIMP user manual"),
G_CALLBACK (help_help_cmd_callback),
{ "help-context-help", "help-browser",
{ "help-context-help", "gimp-prefs-help-system",
NC_("help-action", "_Context Help"), "<shift>F1",
NC_("help-action", "Show the help for a specific user interface item"),
G_CALLBACK (help_context_help_cmd_callback),
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