Commit f7986e39 authored by Michael Henning's avatar Michael Henning

app: In GimpBlendTool, fix the preview for layers with offsets.

parent dbd1f050
......@@ -877,11 +877,16 @@ gimp_blend_tool_create_graph (GimpBlendTool *blend_tool)
static void
gimp_blend_tool_update_preview_coords (GimpBlendTool *blend_tool)
GimpTool *tool = GIMP_TOOL (blend_tool);
gint off_x, off_y;
gimp_item_get_offset (GIMP_ITEM (tool->drawable), &off_x, &off_y);
gegl_node_set (blend_tool->render_node,
"start_x", blend_tool->start_x,
"start_y", blend_tool->start_y,
"end_x", blend_tool->end_x,
"end_y", blend_tool->end_y,
"start_x", blend_tool->start_x - off_x,
"start_y", blend_tool->start_y - off_y,
"end_x", blend_tool->end_x - off_x,
"end_y", blend_tool->end_y - off_y,
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