Commit f60992f5 authored by Nick Lamb /GIMP's avatar Nick Lamb /GIMP

Revert Sven's changes

parent c148ec90
2000-04-20 Nick Lamb <>
* plug-ins/common/png.c: Revert Sven's changes, I am not that
silly Sven, read the code more carefully and THINK about it.
We do not want to leak Gimp Images.
2000-04-20 Sven Neumann <>
* plug-ins/common/align_layers.c: applied patch provided by
......@@ -398,9 +398,13 @@ load_image (gchar *filename) /* I - File to load */
if (setjmp (pp->jmpbuf))
g_message (_("%s\nPNG error. File corrupted?"), filename);
return -1;
return image;
/* initialise variables here, thus avoiding compiler warnings */
image= -1;
* Open the file and initialize the PNG read "engine"...
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