Commit f59b0db0 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

app, libgimp: fix more unused function warning (Win32).

Similar to commit 9b328167. Apparently the same function is duplicated
into app/.
Also add some comments to detail a bit more where this Win32 different
comes from (i.e. bug 359538 on Bugzilla, commit eac61e1e).

Moreover I tested the same steps as comment 4 in bug 359538 on master
code. The same hanging issue still exists with GTK+ 3.24.1 (in a Windows
VM at least). I have not investigated further, just wanted to check if
this ifndef could not simply be removed by now. Apparently not.
parent ba5f63ef
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......@@ -899,6 +899,7 @@ gimp_window_get_native_id (GtkWindow *window)
return 0;
static void
gimp_window_transient_realized (GtkWidget *window,
GdkWindow *parent)
......@@ -923,6 +924,7 @@ gimp_get_foreign_window (guint32 window)
return NULL;
gimp_window_set_transient_for (GtkWindow *window,
......@@ -934,6 +936,10 @@ gimp_window_set_transient_for (GtkWindow *window,
* no-op. If it eventually is fixed to actually work, change this to
* a run-time check of GTK+ version. Remember to change also the
* function with the same name in libgimp/gimpui.c
* Note: this hanging bug is still happening with GTK+3 as of 2019-10,
* with steps described in comment 4 in:
GdkWindow *parent;
......@@ -416,6 +416,9 @@ gimp_window_set_transient_for (GtkWindow *window,
gtk_window_set_transient_for (window, NULL);
/* To know why it is disabled on Win32, see
* gimp_window_set_transient_for() in app/widgets/gimpwidgets-utils.c.
g_signal_handlers_disconnect_matched (window, G_SIGNAL_MATCH_FUNC,
0, 0, NULL,
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