Commit f078a741 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

app: remove some junk from GimpTransformTool

which was there for the purpose of transfomring the same buffer
multiple times (which would be nice but is broken and disabled for
ages). Also remove some junk that was there for unknown reasons, this
tool has a long history.
parent a5549ece
......@@ -1150,9 +1150,6 @@ gimp_transform_tool_real_transform (GimpTransformTool *tr_tool,
GimpProgress *progress;
TileManager *ret = NULL;
if (tr_tool->dialog)
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (tr_tool->dialog, FALSE);
progress = gimp_progress_start (GIMP_PROGRESS (display),
tr_tool->progress_text, FALSE);
......@@ -1231,7 +1228,6 @@ gimp_transform_tool_transform (GimpTransformTool *tr_tool,
GimpTool *tool = GIMP_TOOL (tr_tool);
GimpTransformOptions *options = GIMP_TRANSFORM_TOOL_GET_OPTIONS (tool);
GimpContext *context = GIMP_CONTEXT (options);
GimpDisplayShell *shell = gimp_display_get_shell (display);
GimpImage *image = gimp_display_get_image (display);
GimpItem *active_item = NULL;
TileManager *new_tiles;
......@@ -1329,10 +1325,6 @@ gimp_transform_tool_transform (GimpTransformTool *tr_tool,
gimp_transform_tool_bounds (tr_tool, display);
gimp_transform_tool_prepare (tr_tool, display);
gimp_transform_tool_recalc (tr_tool, display);
switch (options->type)
......@@ -1368,11 +1360,6 @@ gimp_transform_tool_transform (GimpTransformTool *tr_tool,
/* Make a note of the new current drawable (since we may have
* a floating selection, etc now.
tool->drawable = gimp_image_get_active_drawable (image);
gimp_image_undo_push (image, GIMP_TYPE_TRANSFORM_TOOL_UNDO,
......@@ -1387,19 +1374,11 @@ gimp_transform_tool_transform (GimpTransformTool *tr_tool,
gimp_tool_control_set_preserve (tool->control, FALSE);
if (gimp_display_shell_get_show_transform (shell))
gimp_display_shell_set_show_transform (shell, FALSE);
/* get rid of preview artifacts left outside the drawable's area */
gtk_widget_queue_draw (shell->canvas);
gimp_transform_tool_halt (tr_tool);
gimp_unset_busy (display->gimp);
gimp_image_flush (image);
gimp_transform_tool_halt (tr_tool);
static void
......@@ -1545,6 +1524,8 @@ gimp_transform_tool_halt (GimpTransformTool *tr_tool)
/* get rid of preview artifacts left outside the drawable's area */
gimp_transform_tool_expose_preview (tr_tool);
gimp_draw_tool_stop (GIMP_DRAW_TOOL (tr_tool));
if (tr_tool->original)
......@@ -1556,9 +1537,6 @@ gimp_transform_tool_halt (GimpTransformTool *tr_tool)
/* inactivate the tool */
tr_tool->function = TRANSFORM_CREATING;
if (gimp_draw_tool_is_active (GIMP_DRAW_TOOL (tr_tool)))
gimp_draw_tool_stop (GIMP_DRAW_TOOL (tr_tool));
if (tr_tool->dialog)
gimp_dialog_factory_hide_dialog (tr_tool->dialog);
......@@ -1813,8 +1791,6 @@ gimp_transform_tool_prepare (GimpTransformTool *tr_tool,
GIMP_CONTEXT (options));
gimp_tool_dialog_set_shell (GIMP_TOOL_DIALOG (tr_tool->dialog),
gimp_display_get_shell (display));
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (tr_tool->dialog, TRUE);
if (GIMP_TRANSFORM_TOOL_GET_CLASS (tr_tool)->prepare)
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