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INSTALL: libmypaint doesn't use scons anymore...

... and --with-sendmail option has a slightly different usage.
parent 1a367980
......@@ -80,12 +80,6 @@ header files installed.
not be disabled.
10. For MyPaint brushes, brushlib (libmypaint) @LIBMYPAINT_REQUIRED_VERSION@ is used.
To build and install libmypaint:
`scons prefix=<your prefix>`
`scons prefix=<your prefix> install`
The libmypaint repository is hosted at:
......@@ -298,9 +292,10 @@ These are:
--disable-mp. This option allows you to disable support for multiple
processors. It is enabled by default.
--with-sendmail=[PATH]. This option is used to tell GIMP where to find
the sendmail command. Normally this options don't have to be used
because configure tries to find it in the usual places.
--with-sendmail[=PATH]. This option is used to tell GIMP to send email
through sendmail instead of xdg-email. You can optionally indicate
where to find the sendmail command. Otherwise sendmail will simply
be search in your $PATH at runtime.
--with-desktop-dir=[PATH]. This option specifies where to install
desktop files. These files are used by desktop environments that
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