Commit e55c94ef authored by shark0r's avatar shark0r Committed by Michael Natterer

Bug 794854 - Brush color is not added to color history in smudge tool

Add the color in gimp_smudge_paint(INIT) like GimpPaintbrush does.

Achieve this by calling gimp_palettes_add_color_history() directly,
not by inheriting GimpPaintbrush because GimpPaintbrush and GimpSmudge seem to share few common features.
parent 019af3da
......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@
#include "gegl/gimp-gegl-loops.h"
#include "gegl/gimp-gegl-utils.h"
#include "core/gimp-palettes.h"
#include "core/gimpbrush.h"
#include "core/gimpdrawable.h"
#include "core/gimpdynamics.h"
......@@ -141,6 +142,29 @@ gimp_smudge_paint (GimpPaintCore *paint_core,
switch (paint_state)
GimpContext *context = GIMP_CONTEXT (paint_options);
GimpSmudgeOptions *options = GIMP_SMUDGE_OPTIONS (paint_options);
GimpBrushCore *brush_core = GIMP_BRUSH_CORE (paint_core);
GimpDynamics *dynamics = gimp_context_get_dynamics (context);
/* Don't add to color history when
* 1. pure smudging (flow=0)
* 2. color is from gradient or pixmap brushes
if (options->flow > 0.0 &&
! gimp_dynamics_is_output_enabled (dynamics, GIMP_DYNAMICS_OUTPUT_COLOR) &&
! (brush_core->brush && gimp_brush_get_pixmap (brush_core->brush)))
GimpRGB foreground;
gimp_context_get_foreground (context, &foreground);
gimp_palettes_add_color_history (context->gimp, &foreground);
/* initialization fails if the user starts outside the drawable */
if (! smudge->initialized)
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