Commit e3b6c8e8 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

.gitlab: add "performance" issue template

Add a "performance" issue template, which should be used to report
performance-related issues.
parent fa9161e4
GIMP Version:
Operating System:
Package: [flatpak? Installer from If another installer, tell us where from]
# Issue Description
Please provide a general description of the issue.
# Performance Log
Please record a performance log demonstrating the issue, and attach it to the report.
for more information.
# Performance Log Description
Please describe in detail the actions performed in the performance log.
If you added empty event markers to the log, please provide a description for them here.
If you recorded a screencast while recording the log, please attach it here.
# Additional Information
If there is any additional information, please provide it here.
/label ~"1. Performance"
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