Commit dfe57b37 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: fix group layer drawable update during size change

In gimp_group_layer_update_size(), never suspend drawable updates
(and, in fact, remove the option to suspend drawable updates
entirely,) and instead never update the drawable during the call to
gimp_drawable_set_buffer_full(), and flush the group's projection
*after* setting the drawable's buffer, so that any pending updates
will happen after the group's buffer and size are up-to-date.

This fixes some missed drawable updates.

(cherry picked from commit fc2c640c)
parent 2f1041be
......@@ -63,7 +63,6 @@ struct _GimpGroupLayerPrivate
GeglBuffer *suspended_mask_buffer;
GeglRectangle suspended_mask_bounds;
gint direct_update;
gint suspend_update;
gint transforming;
gboolean expanded;
gboolean pass_through;
......@@ -1912,7 +1911,6 @@ gimp_group_layer_update_size (GimpGroupLayer *group)
if (private->reallocate_projection || size_changed)
GeglBuffer *buffer;
gboolean update_drawable = FALSE;
/* if the graph is already constructed, set the offset node's
* coordinates first, so the graph is in the right state when
......@@ -1941,8 +1939,6 @@ gimp_group_layer_update_size (GimpGroupLayer *group)
private->reallocate_projection = FALSE;
gimp_projectable_structure_changed (GIMP_PROJECTABLE (group));
update_drawable = TRUE;
......@@ -1955,23 +1951,18 @@ gimp_group_layer_update_size (GimpGroupLayer *group)
old_x, old_y, old_width, old_height);
/* avoid updating the drawable in response to projection updates while
* flushing the projection, since we want to either update the entire
* drawable, or not update at all, when setting the drawable's buffer.
gimp_group_layer_flush (group);
buffer = gimp_pickable_get_buffer (GIMP_PICKABLE (private->projection));
gimp_drawable_set_buffer_full (GIMP_DRAWABLE (group),
x, y,
FALSE /* don't update the drawable, the
* flush() below will take care of
* that.
gimp_group_layer_flush (group);
/* reset, the actual size is correct now */
private->reallocate_width = 0;
......@@ -2180,9 +2171,6 @@ gimp_group_layer_proj_update (GimpProjection *proj,
GimpGroupLayerPrivate *private = GET_PRIVATE (group);
if (private->suspend_update)
#if 0
g_printerr ("%s (%s) %d, %d (%d, %d)\n",
G_STRFUNC, gimp_object_get_name (group),
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