Commit dbab0b55 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: in Luminance mode, cache RGBA -> Y fish

parent 70b7316e
...@@ -868,17 +868,21 @@ gimp_operation_layer_mode_blend_luminance (const gfloat *in, ...@@ -868,17 +868,21 @@ gimp_operation_layer_mode_blend_luminance (const gfloat *in,
gfloat *comp, gfloat *comp,
gint samples) gint samples)
{ {
static const Babl *fish;
gfloat *scratch; gfloat *scratch;
gfloat *in_Y; gfloat *in_Y;
gfloat *layer_Y; gfloat *layer_Y;
if (! fish)
fish = babl_fish ("RGBA float", "Y float");
scratch = gimp_scratch_new (gfloat, 2 * samples); scratch = gimp_scratch_new (gfloat, 2 * samples);
in_Y = scratch; in_Y = scratch;
layer_Y = scratch + samples; layer_Y = scratch + samples;
babl_process (babl_fish ("RGBA float", "Y float"), in, in_Y, samples); babl_process (fish, in, in_Y, samples);
babl_process (babl_fish ("RGBA float", "Y float"), layer, layer_Y, samples); babl_process (fish, layer, layer_Y, samples);
while (samples--) while (samples--)
{ {
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