Commit d444804e authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

app: XCF version 6 should not block compatibility mode.

Metadata presence implies XCF version 6 or higher. Yet metadata are
stored in parasites which are perfecly supported in older GIMP versions
and are passed along through saving.
Therefore there is no need to keep XCF 6. We just add a warning telling
that metadata won't be visible in older GIMP when saving a file with
metadata and compatibility mode.
parent 94aec7cb
......@@ -2321,9 +2321,9 @@ gimp_image_get_xcf_version (GimpImage *image,
g_list_free (layers);
/* need version 6 for new metadata */
if (gimp_image_get_metadata (image))
version = MAX (6, version);
/* version 6 for new metadata has been dropped since they are
* saved through parasites, which is compatible with older versions.
/* need version 7 for high bit depth images */
if (gimp_image_get_precision (image) != GIMP_PRECISION_U8_GAMMA)
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
#include "core/gimp.h"
#include "core/gimpimage.h"
#include "core/gimpimage-metadata.h"
#include "file/file-utils.h"
#include "file/gimp-file.h"
......@@ -280,6 +281,16 @@ gimp_save_dialog_set_image (GimpSaveDialog *dialog,
tooltip = g_strdup_printf (_("Disables compression to make the XCF "
"file readable by %s and later."),
if (gimp_image_get_metadata (image))
gchar *temp_tooltip;
temp_tooltip = g_strconcat (tooltip, "\n",
_("Metadata won't be visible in GIMP "
"older than version 2.10."), NULL);
g_free (tooltip);
tooltip = temp_tooltip;
gimp_help_set_help_data (dialog->compat_toggle, tooltip, NULL);
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