Commit c91fbd54 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

Bug 693797 - Sample colorize fails when you choose current gradient as target

Fix my last commit and don't delete items in the foreach() callback,
because it's impossible to delete items in foreach(). Instead, collect
them in a list and remove them after foreach().
parent b4b85cf8
......@@ -543,14 +543,15 @@ gimp_item_combo_box_remove_items (GtkTreeModel *model,
GtkTreeIter *iter,
gpointer data)
gint item_ID;
gint item_ID;
GList **remove = data;
gtk_tree_model_get (model, iter,
if (item_ID > 0)
gtk_list_store_remove (GTK_LIST_STORE (model), iter);
*remove = g_list_prepend (*remove, g_memdup (iter, sizeof (GtkTreeIter)));
return FALSE;
......@@ -565,6 +566,8 @@ gimp_item_combo_box_changed (GimpIntComboBox *combo_box)
if (item_ID > 0 && ! gimp_item_is_valid (item_ID))
GtkTreeModel *model;
GList *remove = NULL;
GList *list;
model = gtk_combo_box_get_model (GTK_COMBO_BOX (combo_box));
......@@ -572,7 +575,13 @@ gimp_item_combo_box_changed (GimpIntComboBox *combo_box)
gtk_tree_model_foreach (model,
for (list = remove; list; list = g_list_next (list))
gtk_list_store_remove (GTK_LIST_STORE (model), list->data);
g_list_free_full (remove, (GDestroyNotify) g_free);
gimp_item_combo_box_populate (combo_box);
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