Commit c71535b7 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

Bug 792981 - Measure tool is measuring one pixel to the right of initial point

This reverts 2069496a for
gimpmeasuretool.c, we can't use gimp_display_shell_get_line_status()
here because the angle to show is *not* the angle as shown in the
paint tools (between x1,y1 and x2,y2), it is determined by a possible
third point.

Also, the info window and the statusbar were using different
coordintates to detemine the line length. This would have been easily
fixable, but the wrong angle wasn't.
parent da4f03b8
......@@ -40,7 +40,6 @@
#include "display/gimpdisplay.h"
#include "display/gimpdisplayshell.h"
#include "display/gimpdisplayshell-appearance.h"
#include "display/gimpdisplayshell-utils.h"
#include "display/gimptoolcompass.h"
#include "display/gimptoolgui.h"
......@@ -448,7 +447,6 @@ gimp_measure_tool_dialog_update (GimpMeasureTool *measure,
GimpDisplayShell *shell = gimp_display_get_shell (display);
GimpImage *image = gimp_display_get_image (display);
gchar *status;
gint ax, ay;
gint bx, by;
gint pixel_width;
......@@ -523,23 +521,26 @@ gimp_measure_tool_dialog_update (GimpMeasureTool *measure,
unit_width_digits = gimp_unit_get_scaled_digits (shell->unit, xres);
unit_height_digits = gimp_unit_get_scaled_digits (shell->unit, yres);
status = gimp_display_shell_get_line_status (shell, "", "",
ax, ay, bx, by);
if (shell->unit == GIMP_UNIT_PIXEL)
gimp_tool_replace_status (GIMP_TOOL (measure), display,
"%s (%d × %d)",
status, pixel_width, pixel_height);
"%.1f %s, %.2f\302\260 (%d × %d)",
pixel_distance, _("pixels"), pixel_angle,
pixel_width, pixel_height);
g_snprintf (format, sizeof (format), "%s (%%.%df × %%.%df)",
status, unit_width_digits, unit_height_digits);
g_snprintf (format, sizeof (format),
"%%.%df %s, %%.2f\302\260 (%%.%df × %%.%df)",
gimp_unit_get_plural (shell->unit),
gimp_tool_replace_status (GIMP_TOOL (measure), display, format,
unit_distance, unit_angle,
unit_width, unit_height);
g_free (status);
if (measure->gui)
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