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updated NEWS for HEAD branch

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The GNU Image Manipulation Program Version 2.2
GNU Image Manipulation Program
Development Branch
This is the stable branch of GIMP 2.2. Only bug-fixes are applied
here. New features are being added in the HEAD branch that will lead
to GIMP version 2.4.
Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.1
- added python logo to EXTRA_DIST so it shows up in the tarball (bug #161716)
- fixed mempory corruption in FracalExplorer plug-in (bug #161729)
- fixed crash in gradient editor (bug #161411)
- fixed crash in unsharp mask plug-in preview code (bug #157910)
- fixed bug in unsharp mask plug-in that caused artefacts when a large blur
radius was being used on a small drawable; minor optimizations
- removed broken asc2img Script-Fu
- fixed channel drag-n-drop (bug #161877)
- fixed misbehaviour of entries in Scale and Resize dialogs (bug #161756)
- speed up preview in several plug-ins
- fixed bug in Despeckle plug-in that caused it to run very slowly
(bug #162129)
- fixed a crash in the error dialog (bug #162147)
- fixed parameter value range in Weave script (bug #162182)
- fixed crash in brush preview (bug #162232)
- minor improvements to the API docs
This is the development branch of The GIMP. Here's where all the shiny
new stuff is being done that will one day be released as GIMP 2.4.
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