Commit ba759fbc authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

Revert "Bug 790784 - (CVE-2017-17784) heap overread in gbr parser / load_image."

This reverts commit 06d24a79.

The CVE is still fixed but now in a different way. Commit 4fa0cd4d
passes instead the accurate string length when using the string, hence
making it work even when not NUL-terminated. This has the advantage of
having the GBR file loaded in the end, despite such file format error. I
am personally not persuaded this is the best path since a file with such
an error may either be corrupted, or worse may have been constructed on
purpose to be harmful, so rejecting it directly may be the safe choice.
Nevertheless I may also be too doubtful and maybe trying to save a
slightly corrupted file may be the nicest choice indeed.
parent 4fa0cd4d
......@@ -463,8 +463,7 @@ load_image (GFile *file,
if (! g_input_stream_read_all (input, temp, size,
&bytes_read, NULL, error) ||
bytes_read != size ||
temp[size - 1] != '\0')
bytes_read != size)
g_set_error (error, G_FILE_ERROR, G_FILE_ERROR_FAILED,
_("Error in GIMP brush file '%s'"),
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