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desktop: prepare release of GIMP 2.10.8.

Please everyone, feel free to update the list of upcoming
changes/features, if you feel some particular change should be more
prominently exposed in this list (or at the opposite that some change is
not worth mentionning), or for rewording, etc.
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<release version="2.10.8" date="2018-09-30">
GIMP 2.10.8 is mostly a bug fix and optimization release. In
particular, it includes:
Adaptative chunk size when rendering projections, improving
responsiveness dynamically
Detection of RawTherapee (version 5.5 and above) improved on
XCF compatibility information in the Save dialog more
understandable and discoverable
Various performance log tools added and log recording made
available in the Dashboard dock
<release version="2.10.6" date="2018-08-19">
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