Commit b9265e7c authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

Issue #2685 - Crash when distributing layers horizontally

Fix xcf-load.c to correct out-of-range item offsets (simply set them
to 0), so XCF files that are broken this way can still be recovered.

This doesn't fix the original bug, just recovering the crash images.
parent 9e82ace4
......@@ -1183,11 +1183,27 @@ xcf_load_layer_props (XcfInfo *info,
guint32 offset_x;
guint32 offset_y;
gint32 offset_x;
gint32 offset_y;
xcf_read_int32 (info, &offset_x, 1);
xcf_read_int32 (info, &offset_y, 1);
xcf_read_int32 (info, (guint32 *) &offset_x, 1);
xcf_read_int32 (info, (guint32 *) &offset_y, 1);
if (offset_x < -GIMP_MAX_IMAGE_SIZE ||
g_printerr ("unexpected item offset_x (%d) in XCF, "
"setting to 0\n", offset_x);
offset_x = 0;
if (offset_y < -GIMP_MAX_IMAGE_SIZE ||
g_printerr ("unexpected item offset_y (%d) in XCF, "
"setting to 0\n", offset_y);
offset_y = 0;
gimp_item_set_offset (GIMP_ITEM (*layer), offset_x, offset_y);
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