Commit b89d10a8 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

app: fix compositing of non-LEGACY layers in "show mask" mode

gimp_layer_update_mode_node(): when showing the mask, set mode to
NORMAL, and make sure that the composite space is PERCEPTUAL for
LEGACY layers, and LINEAR (or whatever is chosen in layer attibutes)
parent 73057337
......@@ -661,10 +661,18 @@ gimp_layer_update_mode_node (GimpLayer *layer)
if (layer->mask && layer->show_mask)
visible_mode = GIMP_LAYER_MODE_NORMAL;
visible_blend_space = GIMP_LAYER_COLOR_SPACE_AUTO;
visible_composite_space = GIMP_LAYER_COLOR_SPACE_AUTO;
visible_composite_space = layer->composite_space;
visible_composite_mode = GIMP_LAYER_COMPOSITE_AUTO;
/* This makes sure that masks of LEGACY-mode layers are
* composited in PERCEPTUAL space, and non-LEGACY layers in
* LINEAR space, or whatever composite space was chosen in the
* layer attributes dialog
if (visible_composite_space == GIMP_LAYER_COLOR_SPACE_AUTO)
visible_composite_space = gimp_layer_mode_get_composite_space (layer->mode);
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