Commit b672f200 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

tools: in, don't change call-graph path ...

... when selecting a function's samples

Since we now preserve the call-graph path across state changes,
there's no need to explictly set the path after selecting a
function's samples in the profile view.
parent 97498017
......@@ -2704,20 +2704,10 @@ class ProfileViewer (Gtk.ScrolledWindow):
history.end_group ()
def select_samples_clicked (self, button):
history.start_group () ( ({frame.sample for frame in self.frames})
sel = set ()
for frame in self.frames:
sel.add (frame.sample) (sel)
selection.change_complete ()
history.end_group ()
def tree_selection_changed (self, tree_sel):
self.remove_subprofile ()
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