Commit afa4bf48 authored by Daniel Sabo's avatar Daniel Sabo

Update authors.xml

Add myself and teo.
parent cd7322fd
......@@ -170,6 +170,7 @@ The following people have contributed code to GIMP:
Torsten Martinsen
Takeshi Matsuyama
Gordon Matzigkeit
Téo Mazars
Gregory McLean
Mike Melancon
Federico Mena Quintero
......@@ -229,6 +230,7 @@ The following people have contributed code to GIMP:
Marco Rossini
Tim Rowley
Karthikeyan S
Daniel Sabo
Mike Schaeffer
John Schlag
Norbert Schmitz
......@@ -187,6 +187,7 @@
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.0">Torsten Martinsen</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Takeshi Matsuyama</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.0">Gordon Matzigkeit</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Téo Mazars</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.2">Gregory McLean</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Mike Melancon</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.2">Federico Mena Quintero</contributor>
......@@ -250,6 +251,7 @@
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Marco Rossini</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.0">Tim Rowley</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Karthikeyan S</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Daniel Sabo</contributor>
<contributor role="artist author" last-active="1.2">Mike Schaeffer</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.0">John Schlag</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.0">Norbert Schmitz</contributor>
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