Commit af2a27f1 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer

Issue #1662 - GIMP crashes while using cage transform when selection is active

Fixed by implementing Massimo's two findings:

gimp_operation_cage_transform_process(): if aux_buf is NULL, bail out
after initializing out_buf with identity vectors, fixes the crash.

gimp_cage_tool_create_filter(): set the drawable filter's region to
GIMP_FILTER_REGION_DRAWABLE, fixes offset when there is a selection.

(cherry picked from commit 49dfc614)
parent 6e656aed
......@@ -288,6 +288,9 @@ gimp_operation_cage_transform_process (GeglOperation *operation,
if (! aux_buf)
return TRUE;
gegl_operation_progress (operation, 0.0, "");
/* pre-allocate memory outside of the loop */
......@@ -1266,6 +1266,7 @@ gimp_cage_tool_create_filter (GimpCageTool *ct)
_("Cage transform"),
gimp_drawable_filter_set_region (ct->filter, GIMP_FILTER_REGION_DRAWABLE);
g_signal_connect (ct->filter, "flush",
G_CALLBACK (gimp_cage_tool_filter_flush),
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