Commit a4957c7c authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: stop idle projection rendering when flushing group layers

In gimp_group_layer_flush(), stop any idle rendering, initiated
when a new buffer is allocated, before flushing the group's
pickable.  Otherwise, the idle rendering is finished synchronously,
which unnecessarily introduces a noticeable lag.
parent 26a8d141
......@@ -1777,6 +1777,14 @@ gimp_group_layer_flush (GimpGroupLayer *group)
/* make sure we have a buffer, and stop any idle rendering, which is
* initiated when a new buffer is allocated. the call to
* gimp_pickable_flush() below causes any pending idle rendering to
* finish synchronously, so this needs to happen before.
gimp_pickable_get_buffer (GIMP_PICKABLE (private->projection));
gimp_projection_stop_rendering (private->projection);
/* flush the pickable not the projectable because flushing the
* pickable will finish all invalidation on the projection so it
* can be used as source (note that it will still be constructed
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