Commit a1b08a50 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

Revert "app: disable parallel asynchronous operations when GEGL_THREADS=1"

This reverts commit 40854065, which
is no longer necessary after GEGL commit
parent 6a5023a3
......@@ -456,16 +456,6 @@ gimp_parallel_run_async_set_n_threads (gint n_threads)
gint i;
/* FIXME: when the number of GEGL threads is 1, GEGL disables some thread-
* safety mechanisms, such that, in particular, concurrent access to the same
* buffer is not safe. ultimately, it should be possible to configure GEGL
* to remain thread-safe independently of the number of threads it uses, but
* for now, we simply disable parallel asynchronous operations when the
* number of threads is 1.
if (n_threads == 1)
n_threads = 0;
n_threads = CLAMP (n_threads, 0, GIMP_PARALLEL_RUN_ASYNC_MAX_THREADS);
if (n_threads > gimp_parallel_run_async_n_threads) /* need more threads */
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