Commit 9ec12b62 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

app: minor coding-style cleanup.

Adding spaces between function names and parenthese.

I would normally have just amended the contributed patches and pushed,
but gitlab is making our review process over-complicated with many
roundtrips with contributors, and review quality drops. Stating it here
for the records!
See commit 70945b89 (where this cleaning
should have directly been done).

(cherry picked from commit 5c56f8cb)
parent 8945f4b9
......@@ -631,9 +631,9 @@ gimp_text_layer_text_changed (GimpTextLayer *layer)
GimpTextDirection old_base_dir = layer->private->base_dir;
GimpTextDirection new_base_dir = layer->text->base_dir;
old_width = gimp_item_get_width(item);
old_width = gimp_item_get_width (item);
gimp_text_layer_render (layer);
new_width = gimp_item_get_width(item);
new_width = gimp_item_get_width (item);
if (old_base_dir != new_base_dir)
......@@ -1615,7 +1615,7 @@ gimp_text_tool_create_layer (GimpTextTool *text_tool,
(text_tool->text->base_dir == GIMP_TEXT_DIRECTION_TTB_RTL ||
text_tool->text->base_dir == GIMP_TEXT_DIRECTION_TTB_RTL_UPRIGHT))
x1 -= gimp_item_get_width(GIMP_ITEM (layer));
x1 -= gimp_item_get_width (GIMP_ITEM (layer));
gimp_item_set_offset (GIMP_ITEM (layer), x1, y1);
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