Commit 99005733 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: use gimp_transform_polygon() in GimpCanvasTransformPreview

... so that clipping is done properly.
parent cc20cb41
......@@ -295,57 +295,53 @@ gimp_canvas_transform_preview_transform (GimpCanvasItem *item,
cairo_rectangle_int_t *extents)
GimpCanvasTransformPreviewPrivate *private = GET_PRIVATE (item);
gdouble tx1, ty1;
gdouble tx2, ty2;
gdouble tx3, ty3;
gdouble tx4, ty4;
gimp_matrix3_transform_point (&private->transform,
private->x1, private->y1,
&tx1, &ty1);
gimp_matrix3_transform_point (&private->transform,
private->x2, private->y1,
&tx2, &ty2);
gimp_matrix3_transform_point (&private->transform,
private->x1, private->y2,
&tx3, &ty3);
gimp_matrix3_transform_point (&private->transform,
private->x2, private->y2,
&tx4, &ty4);
if (! gimp_transform_polygon_is_convex (tx1, ty1,
tx2, ty2,
tx3, ty3,
tx4, ty4))
GimpVector2 vertices[4];
GimpVector2 t_vertices[5];
gint n_t_vertices;
vertices[0] = (GimpVector2) { private->x1, private->y1 };
vertices[1] = (GimpVector2) { private->x2, private->y1 };
vertices[2] = (GimpVector2) { private->x2, private->y2 };
vertices[3] = (GimpVector2) { private->x1, private->y2 };
gimp_transform_polygon (&private->transform, vertices, 4, TRUE,
t_vertices, &n_t_vertices);
if (n_t_vertices < 2)
return FALSE;
if (extents)
gdouble dx1, dy1;
gdouble dx2, dy2;
gdouble dx3, dy3;
gdouble dx4, dy4;
gimp_canvas_item_transform_xy_f (item,
tx1, ty1,
&dx1, &dy1);
gimp_canvas_item_transform_xy_f (item,
tx2, ty2,
&dx2, &dy2);
gimp_canvas_item_transform_xy_f (item,
tx3, ty3,
&dx3, &dy3);
gimp_canvas_item_transform_xy_f (item,
tx4, ty4,
&dx4, &dy4);
extents->x = (gint) floor (MIN4 (dx1, dx2, dx3, dx4));
extents->y = (gint) floor (MIN4 (dy1, dy2, dy3, dy4));
extents->width = (gint) ceil (MAX4 (dx1, dx2, dx3, dx4));
extents->height = (gint) ceil (MAX4 (dy1, dy2, dy3, dy4));
extents->width -= extents->x;
extents->height -= extents->y;
GimpVector2 top_left;
GimpVector2 bottom_right;
gint i;
for (i = 0; i < n_t_vertices; i++)
GimpVector2 v;
gimp_canvas_item_transform_xy_f (item,
t_vertices[i].x, t_vertices[i].y,
&v.x, &v.y);
if (i == 0)
top_left = bottom_right = v;
top_left.x = MIN (top_left.x, v.x);
top_left.y = MIN (top_left.y, v.y);
bottom_right.x = MAX (bottom_right.x, v.x);
bottom_right.y = MAX (bottom_right.y, v.y);
extents->x = (gint) floor (top_left.x);
extents->y = (gint) floor (top_left.y);
extents->width = (gint) ceil (bottom_right.x) - extents->x;
extents->height = (gint) ceil (bottom_right.y) - extents->y;
return TRUE;
......@@ -365,7 +361,6 @@ gimp_canvas_transform_preview_draw (GimpCanvasItem *item,
guchar *surface_data;
gint surface_stride;
/* only draw convex polygons */
if (! gimp_canvas_transform_preview_transform (item, &extents))
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