Commit 971b77d8 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman

imagemap: Move variable to local block and delete dead assignment

parent 0cb9ffa0
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ preview_get_height(GtkWidget *preview)
static void
render_gray_image(Preview_t *preview_base, GimpPixelRgn *srcrgn)
guchar *src_row, *dest_buffer, *src, *dest;
guchar *src_row, *dest_buffer, *dest;
gint row, col;
gint bpp, dwidth, dheight, pwidth, pheight;
gint *src_col;
......@@ -105,9 +105,8 @@ render_gray_image(Preview_t *preview_base, GimpPixelRgn *srcrgn)
gimp_pixel_rgn_get_row(srcrgn, src_row, 0, row * dheight / pheight,
src = src_row;
for (col = 0; col < pwidth; col++) {
guchar *src;
src = &src_row[src_col[col]];
*dest++ = *src;
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