Commit 9548d54e authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: fix conversion of midpoints to stops in the blend tool, when ...

... the gradient is reversed, or offset > 0

Also, add a few assertions.
parent 695b6ed2
......@@ -941,6 +941,8 @@ gimp_blend_tool_editor_delete_stop (GimpBlendTool *blend_tool,
GimpGradientSegment *seg;
BlendInfo *info;
g_assert (gimp_blend_tool_editor_handle_is_stop (blend_tool, slider));
gimp_blend_tool_editor_start_edit (blend_tool);
gimp_blend_tool_editor_freeze_gradient (blend_tool);
......@@ -966,17 +968,21 @@ gimp_blend_tool_editor_midpoint_to_stop (GimpBlendTool *blend_tool,
const GimpControllerSlider *sliders;
g_assert (gimp_blend_tool_editor_handle_is_midpoint (blend_tool, slider));
sliders = gimp_tool_line_get_sliders (GIMP_TOOL_LINE (blend_tool->widget),
if (sliders[slider].value > sliders[slider].min + EPSILON &&
sliders[slider].value < sliders[slider].max - EPSILON)
gint stop;
BlendInfo *info;
const GimpGradientSegment *seg;
gint stop;
BlendInfo *info;
seg = gimp_blend_tool_editor_handle_get_segment (blend_tool, slider);
stop = gimp_blend_tool_editor_add_stop (blend_tool,
stop = gimp_blend_tool_editor_add_stop (blend_tool, seg->middle);
info = blend_tool->undo_stack->data;
info->removed_handle = slider;
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