Commit 9272da1a authored by Sven Claussner's avatar Sven Claussner

Flood op: improve descriptions

Add more user friendly description to the PDB op.
Partially keep the technical description for the PDB op and add a
reference to the developer wiki.
Use the new "reference" key for the GEGL op.
parent f4adb9a0
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -978,8 +978,9 @@ register_selection_procs (GimpPDB *pdb)
gimp_procedure_set_static_strings (procedure,
"Flood the image's selection",
"This procedure floods the selection. Flooding assigns to each pixel of the selection mask the minimum of the maxima of all paths from that pixel to the outside, as if the selection mask were a height map of a terrain flooded with water.",
"Remove holes from the image's selection",
"This procedure removes holes from the selection, that can come from selecting a patchy area with the Fuzzy Select Tool. "
"In technical terms this procedure floods the selection. See the Algorithms page in the developer wiki for details.",
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