Commit 91b35591 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: add comment to gimp_transform_polygon()

.. describing the function, and, in particular, specifying upper
bounds for the resulting number of vertices.
parent 17ec3d13
......@@ -551,6 +551,18 @@ gimp_transform_polygon_is_convex (gdouble x1,
return (z1 * z2 > 0) && (z3 * z4 > 0);
/* transforms the polygon or polyline, whose vertices are given by 'vertices',
* by 'matrix', performing clipping by the near plane. 'closed' indicates
* whether the vertices represent a polygon ('closed == TRUE') or a polyline
* ('closed == FALSE').
* returns the transformed vertices in 't_vertices', and their count in
* 'n_t_vertices'. the minimal possible number of transformed vertices is 0,
* which happens when the entire input is clipped. in general, the maximal
* possible number of transformed vertices is '3 * n_vertices / 2' (rounded
* down), however, for convex polygons the number is 'n_vertices + 1', and for
* a single line segment the number is 2.
gimp_transform_polygon (const GimpMatrix3 *matrix,
const GimpVector2 *vertices,
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