Commit 8a56234c authored by Marek Dvoroznak's avatar Marek Dvoroznak Committed by Michael Natterer

app: npd-tool: let GEGL NPD operation destroy the model

parent 415d7f27
......@@ -369,9 +369,6 @@ gimp_n_point_deformation_tool_halt (GimpNPointDeformationTool *npd_tool)
npd_tool->preview_buffer = NULL;
g_free (npd_tool->lattice_points);
if (npd_tool->model != NULL)
npd_destroy_model (npd_tool->model);
tool->display = npd_tool->display = NULL;
......@@ -933,6 +930,7 @@ gimp_n_point_deformation_tool_perform_deformation (GimpNPointDeformationTool *np
gimp_npd_debug (("gegl_operation_invalidate\n"));
gegl_operation_invalidate (GEGL_OPERATION (operation), NULL, FALSE);
g_object_unref (operation);
gimp_npd_debug (("gegl_node_process\n"));
gegl_node_process (npd_tool->sink);
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