Commit 8976370b authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

app: forgot to follow API changes in test-config.c

parent 51ecb992
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......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ main (int argc,
GimpConfig *grid;
GimpConfig *grid2;
const gchar *filename = "foorc";
GFile *file = g_file_new_for_path ("foorc");
gchar *header;
gchar *result;
GList *list;
......@@ -82,10 +82,11 @@ main (int argc,
g_print (" done.\n");
g_print (" Serializing %s to '%s' ...",
g_type_name (G_TYPE_FROM_INSTANCE (grid)), filename);
g_type_name (G_TYPE_FROM_INSTANCE (grid)),
gimp_file_get_utf8_name (file));
if (! gimp_config_serialize_to_file (grid,
"foorc", "end of foorc",
NULL, &error))
......@@ -98,8 +99,10 @@ main (int argc,
G_CALLBACK (notify_callback),
g_print (" Deserializing from '%s' ...\n", filename);
if (! gimp_config_deserialize_file (grid, filename, NULL, &error))
g_print (" Deserializing from '%s' ...\n",
gimp_file_get_utf8_name (file));
if (! gimp_config_deserialize_file (grid, file, NULL, &error))
g_print ("%s\n", error->message);
......@@ -136,7 +139,10 @@ main (int argc,
g_object_unref (grid2);
g_print (" Deserializing from gimpconfig.c (should fail) ...");
if (! gimp_config_deserialize_file (grid, "gimpconfig.c", NULL, &error))
if (! gimp_config_deserialize_file (grid,
g_file_new_for_path ("gimpconfig.c"),
NULL, &error))
g_print (" OK, failed. The error was:\n %s\n", error->message);
g_error_free (error);
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