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added more info about i18n

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2000-03-25 Sven Neumann <>
* README.i18n: added new sections explaining what catalogs
need to be translated, how to translate menupaths correctly
and how a third-party plug-in can add additional textdomains.
2000-03-25 Sven Neumann <>
* tools/pdbgen/pdb/gimage.pdb
* app/gimage_cmds.c: corrected the description and help for the
gimp_image_component_* functions.
gimp_image_[get|set]_component_* functions.
* app/info_dialog.h: include dialog_handler.h
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ because of locale support.
Actually this one is maintained by me, that is Daniel Egger
1. Why localisation?
Many persons from many countries start to get used to Linux.
......@@ -142,7 +143,38 @@ Actually this one is maintained by me, that is Daniel Egger
and it already has a translation, it will be taken over to the new catalog
together with a remark that this one may not necessarily fit.
6. And more?
6. Gimp is different
Gimp is a complex application which has a bunch of scripts and plug-ins
that all want to be internationalized. Therefore there is not one catalog
but many. For a full translation of the GIMP's UI, you will have to add
translations for the following catalogs:
po/gimp.pot -- the core
po-libgimp/gimp-libgimp.pot -- the libgimp library
po-plugins/gimp-std-plugins.pot -- most of the plug-ins
plug-ins/perl/po/gimp-perl.pot -- the gimp-perl scripts
po-script-fu/gimp-script-fu.pot -- the script-fu scripts
When translating menu_paths, please do not translate the name of the
item_factory (that is the one in brackets at the front), e.g.
<Image>/Edit/Copy should _not_ be translated to <Bild>/Bearbeiten/Kopieren,
but to <Image>/Bearbeiten/Kopieren. If you get this wrong, Gimp will warn you
at startup about bad translations. So do always test your translations and
watch the console for output.
7. Adding additional textdomains
Third-party plug-ins (plug-ins that are not distributed with The GIMP) can't
have their messages in the gimp-std-plugins textdomain. We have therefore
provided a mechanism that allows plug-ins to install their own message
catalogs and tell The GIMP to bind to that textdomain. This is necessary so
that The GIMP can correctly translate the menupaths the plug-in registers.
Basically the plug-in has to call gimp_plugin_domain_add() or
gimp_domain_plugin_add_with_path() before it registers any functions. Have a
look at the script-fu plug-in to see how it is done in detail.
8. And more?
I hope I mentioned everything that is worth it and hope that this document
will clarify some things. If it doesn't please write me a mail and tell me
......@@ -152,3 +184,7 @@ Actually this one is maintained by me, that is Daniel Egger
Happy Gimping. Yours,
Daniel Egger
Sections (6) and (7) were added by Sven Neumann <>. He is the one
to blame for errors in there...
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