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libgimp: improve docs for gimp_image_metadata_save_prepare()/finish()

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......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ typedef struct
* gimp_image_metadata_save_prepare:
* @image: The image
* @image: The original image
* @mime_type: The saved file's mime-type
* @suggested_flags: Suggested default values for the @flags passed to
* gimp_image_metadata_save_finish()
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ typedef struct
* override the preferences without a good reason since it is a data
* leak.
* The suggested value for GIMP_METADATA_SAVE_THUMBNAIL is determined by
* The suggested value for %GIMP_METADATA_SAVE_THUMBNAIL is determined by
* whether there was a thumbnail in the previously imported image.
* Returns: (transfer full): The image's metadata, prepared for saving.
......@@ -261,17 +261,21 @@ gimp_image_metadata_copy_tag (GExiv2Metadata *src,
* gimp_image_metadata_save_finish:
* @image: The image
* @image: The actually saved image
* @mime_type: The saved file's mime-type
* @metadata: The metadata to set on the image
* @metadata: The metadata to write to @file
* @flags: Flags to specify what of the metadata to save
* @file: The file to load the metadata from
* @file: The file @image was saved to
* @error: Return location for error message
* Saves the @metadata retrieved from the image with
* gimp_image_metadata_save_prepare() to @file, taking into account
* the passed @flags.
* Note that the @image passed to this function might be different
* from the image passed to gimp_image_metadata_save_prepare(), due
* to whatever file export conversion happened in the meantime
* Returns: Whether the save was successful.
* Since: 2.10
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