Commit 7a37bb10 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman

fractal-explorer: Delete dead variable and assignment

parent 58ba62a1
......@@ -261,7 +261,6 @@ run (const gchar *name,
GimpParam **return_vals)
static GimpParam values[1];
gint32 image_ID;
GimpRunMode run_mode;
gint pwidth;
gint pheight;
......@@ -281,7 +280,6 @@ run (const gchar *name,
/* Get the specified drawable */
drawable = gimp_drawable_get (param[2].data.d_drawable);
image_ID = param[1].data.d_image;
gimp_drawable_mask_bounds (drawable->drawable_id,
&sel_x1, &sel_y1, &sel_x2, &sel_y2);
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