Commit 719f96d8 authored by Michael Natterer's avatar Michael Natterer 😴

app: fix gimp_tool_rectangle_frame_item()

it was setting double properties from integers, boom.
parent 33785202
......@@ -3954,21 +3954,19 @@ gimp_tool_rectangle_frame_item (GimpToolRectangle *rectangle,
gimp_item_get_offset (item, &offset_x, &offset_y);
gimp_tool_rectangle_set_function (rectangle,
gimp_tool_rectangle_set_function (rectangle, GIMP_TOOL_RECTANGLE_CREATING);
g_object_set (rectangle,
"x1", offset_x,
"y1", offset_y,
"x2", offset_x + width,
"y2", offset_y + height,
"x1", (gdouble) offset_x,
"y1", (gdouble) offset_y,
"x2", (gdouble) (offset_x + width),
"y2", (gdouble) (offset_y + height),
/* kludge to force handle sizes to update. This call may be harmful
* if this function is ever moved out of the text tool code.
gimp_tool_rectangle_set_constraint (rectangle,
gimp_tool_rectangle_set_constraint (rectangle, GIMP_RECTANGLE_CONSTRAIN_NONE);
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