Commit 6cf1341c authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

devel-docs: update the XCF docs.

Add some info about endianness (and the bug we had between version 7 and
11) and layer masks being attachable to layer groups now.
parent ad395cf0
......@@ -367,7 +367,8 @@ a layer group flag and various editing state flags.
Layer mask
The layer mask can be attached to a layer.
The layer mask can be attached to a layer (since GIMP 2.10.0, layer
group can also have a layer mask).
Actually it is represented as a channel structure in the XCF file.
It is referred to from its parent layer and not listed in the master list
of channels.
......@@ -1216,9 +1217,7 @@ PROP_MODE (essential)
none) of the canvas, it will be the only layer to have its mode
forced to Normal.
TODO: The layer modes 'Overlay' and 'Soft light' are identical.
If this information is still valid - is this state subject to change in GEGL?
Should we continue providing two different names for the same thing?
NOTE: The layer modes 'Old broken Overlay' and 'Soft light (legacy)' are identical.
PROP_OFFSETS (essential)
uint32 15 Type identification
......@@ -1328,8 +1327,22 @@ In color modes with alpha information, the alpha value is the last of
the 2 or 4 bytes for each pixel. In RGB color modes, the 3 (first)
bytes for each pixel is the red intensity, the green intensity, and
the blue intensity, in that order.
TODO: How is this in master, when we work with higher bit depths?
Tile data, as other data in XCF format, is big-endian. In particular it
means that pixel values are stored as big-endian when the precision is
over 8-bit per channel.
Warning: a bug during development was having pixel data saved in the
host byte order before version 12, which means that any XCF file from
version 7 to 11 may be broken when saved then loaded on machines with
different byte orders (and we cannot know for sure which byte order was
used for storage for these XCF versions, though little-endian may be a
safe assumption, considering most end-user processors are little-endian
nowadays). The stable GIMP 2.10.0 always outputs in big-endian and would
only use XCF version 7 to 11 when precision is 8-bit. Therefore if a XCF
reader tries to load a XCF 7 to 11 using over 8-bit precision, this XCF
was created with a development version of GIMP (therefore unsupported)
and byte-order is unspecified.
Uncompressed tile data
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