Commit 695b6ed2 authored by Alexandre Prokoudine's avatar Alexandre Prokoudine

NEWS: mention newly added on-canvas gradient editing

parent 0e974738
......@@ -27,6 +27,17 @@ Core:
is not installed for the GUI language (alongside the possibility to
read online) and the choice can be edited in preferences.
- Blend tool now features on-canvas gradient editing: adding, shifting,
removing color stops, shifting midpoints and converting them to color
stops, assignging colors to color stops, changing blending type
for midpoints. Additional options: 'Instant mode' (active before you
start blending) to support the old workflow where you can't edit color
stops before applying the gradient fill, and 'Modify active gradient'
which allows changing user-writable gradients directly rather than
creating copies of them.
Color management:
- Use babl to convert between profiles if possible.
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