Commit 67e4359c authored by Michael Schumacher's avatar Michael Schumacher

Sven fixed the EXEEXT problem in plug-ins/common. Updated README.win32 accordingly.

parent 272a2f7a
......@@ -11,13 +11,6 @@ There are two ways to build GIMP on Win32:
Makefiles (which use libtool and gcc to do the compilation). I use
this myself.
Unfortunately, this doesn't work 100% correctly in all
directories. For instance in plug-ins/common there is some problems
with the optional plug-ins, for instance "png". The generated Makefile
wants to make just png (no .exe), and then tries to compile it without
any of the relevant -I and -D flags, which of course fails. You have
to explicitly make png.exe.
2) Use the Microsoft compiler, cl and Make, nmake. Say nmake -f
makefile.msc in various directories. These makefiles are maintained by
Hans Breuer <>. They presumably will not generate the
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