Commit 660f53d3 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: fix drawable direct-fill criterion

Don't use a direct-buffer fill if the mode is subtractive, and the
composite region includes the source.  Currently, this never
actually happens.
parent dd8268c0
......@@ -60,19 +60,20 @@ gimp_drawable_edit_can_fill_direct (GimpDrawable *drawable,
gdouble opacity;
GimpLayerMode mode;
GimpLayerCompositeMode composite_mode;
GimpLayerCompositeRegion composite_region;
image = gimp_item_get_image (GIMP_ITEM (drawable));
context = GIMP_CONTEXT (options);
opacity = gimp_context_get_opacity (context);
mode = gimp_context_get_paint_mode (context);
composite_mode = gimp_layer_mode_get_paint_composite_mode (mode);
composite_region = gimp_layer_mode_get_included_region (mode, composite_mode);
if (gimp_channel_is_empty (gimp_image_get_mask (image)) &&
gimp_layer_mode_is_trivial (mode) &&
(gimp_layer_mode_is_subtractive (mode) ||
(gimp_layer_mode_get_included_region (mode, composite_mode) &
(! gimp_layer_mode_is_subtractive (mode) ^
gboolean source_has_alpha = FALSE;
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