Commit 622e69ba authored by Martin Nordholts's avatar Martin Nordholts

Update NEWS and AUTHORS for 2.7.1 with changes up until now

The following command was used to collect new authors, improvements
are welcomed. It excludes authors that only touched po*
directories. I'm adding it to the commit message to have it stored
somewhere until next time it is needed.

find -maxdepth 1 | grep -v po | grep -v "^.$" | \
xargs git --no-pager log --pretty=format:%an GIMP_2_7_0..HEAD -- | \
sort | uniq > authors-temp.txt
parent effd5eee
......@@ -88,6 +88,7 @@ The following people have contributed code to GIMP:
Pavel Grinfeld
Dov Grobgeld
Michael Hammel
Tim Harder
Marcus Heese
Robert Helgesson
James Henstridge
......@@ -104,8 +105,10 @@ The following people have contributed code to GIMP:
Ben Jackson
Tim Janik
Kristian Jantz
Javier Jardón
Tim Jedlicka
Róman Joost
Alexander Jones
Geert Jordaens
Aurimas Juška
Andrew Kieschnick
......@@ -184,6 +187,7 @@ The following people have contributed code to GIMP:
Mike Phillips
Nils Philippsen
Ari Pollak
Mircea Purdea
Raphaël Quinet
Dennis Ranke
Tom Rathborne
......@@ -207,6 +211,7 @@ The following people have contributed code to GIMP:
Peter Sikking
Ted Shaneyfelt
Aaron Sherman
Jernej Simončič
Manish Singh
Mukund Sivaraman
......@@ -215,6 +220,7 @@ The following people have contributed code to GIMP:
Kevin Sookocheff
Adam Spiers
Jakub Steiner
Omari Stephens
Nathan Summers
Mike Sweet
Eiichi Takamori
......@@ -241,6 +247,7 @@ The following people have contributed code to GIMP:
Karl Günter Wünsch
Yoshinori Yamakawa
Shirasaki Yasuhiro
Zhenfeng Zhao
Simon Zilliken
......@@ -20,6 +20,18 @@ UI:
create group layers
- Improve internals and GUI of the save/export functionality
- Move the shortcut dialog's "clear" button into the entry
- Clean up UI code by introducing GimpDockWindow and GimpImageWindow
- Support multi-column dock windows
- Get rid of docking bars, use highlights in existing widget hierarchy instead
- Remove toolbox-window-hint gimprc setting and use dock-window-hint
for both toolbox and docks instead
- Move GimpDock::default-height style property to GimpDockWindow
- Polish save+export path-part precedence rules
- Merge the GSoC 2009 Advanced GUI for Brush Dynamics project
- Default to non-fixed-aspect in Canvas Size dialog
- Add a still incomplete and unstable Single-window mode
- Have an Export button, not Save, in export dialogs
......@@ -36,6 +48,7 @@ Core:
from all callers
- Let drawables connect to their floating selection's "update" signal
instead of letting the image do this job
- Fix brush rotation artifacts at even 90 degree rotation
......@@ -58,8 +71,10 @@ General:
- Lots of bug fixes and cleanup
- Lots of translation updates
- Add more code documentation
- Clean up subsystem linking dependencies in app/
- Add unit testing framework in app/tests/ and some basic tests
- Add unit testing framework in app/tests/ and some basic tests,
including basic UI tests and XCF tests
Changes in GIMP 2.7.0
......@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.2">Roberto Boyd</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.0">Stanislav Brabec</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.6">Hans Breuer</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.6">Simon Budig</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Simon Budig</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">João S. O. Bueno</contributor>
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="1.2">Carey Bunks</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.4">Seth Burgess</contributor>
......@@ -101,6 +101,7 @@
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.4">Dov Grobgeld</contributor>
<contributor role="author documenter" last-active="2.4">Michael Hammel</contributor>
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="2.6">Julien Hardelin</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Tim Harder</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.6">Marcus Heese</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.4">Robert Helgesson</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.0">James Henstridge</contributor>
......@@ -118,8 +119,10 @@
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="1.2">Simon Janes</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.2">Tim Janik</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.4">Kristian Jantz</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Javier Jardón</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Tim Jedlicka</contributor>
<contributor role="author documenter" last-active="2.8">Róman Joost</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Alexander Jones</contributor>
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="2.4">Hans de Jonge</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.6">Geert Jordaens</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Aurimas Juška</contributor>
......@@ -206,7 +209,8 @@
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.2">Mike Phillips</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Nils Philippsen</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.4">Ari Pollak</contributor>
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="2.6">Alexandre Prokoudine</contributor>
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="2.8">Alexandre Prokoudine</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Mircea Purdea</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.6">Raphaël Quinet</contributor>
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="2.4">Manuel Quiñones</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Dennis Ranke</contributor>
......@@ -231,6 +235,7 @@
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Peter Sikking</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.4">Ted Shaneyfelt</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.2">Aaron Sherman</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">SHIRAKAWA Akira</contributor>
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="2.4">Nickolay V. Shmyrev</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.6">Jernej Simončič</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Manish Singh</contributor>
......@@ -242,6 +247,7 @@
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.0">Adam Spiers</contributor>
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="2.6">Patrycja Stawiarska</contributor>
<contributor role="artist author" last-active="2.8">Jakub Steiner</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Omari Stephens</contributor>
<contributor role="documenter" last-active="2.6">Kolbjørn Stuestøl</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.4">Nathan Summers</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.0">Mike Sweet</contributor>
......@@ -271,5 +277,6 @@
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.4">Karl Günter Wünsch</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Yoshinori Yamakawa</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="1.2">Shirasaki Yasuhiro</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Zhenfeng Zhao</contributor>
<contributor role="author" last-active="2.8">Simon Zilliken</contributor>
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