Commit 5c20d220 authored by Jehan's avatar Jehan

build: add "org.freedesktop.FileManager1" bus access to flatpak.

Syncing the nightly flatpak with the stable one.
See issue #1588.
parent 4c13eee2
......@@ -12,7 +12,8 @@
"--filesystem=host", "--filesystem=xdg-config/GIMP",
"--filesystem=xdg-config/gtk-3.0", "--filesystem=/tmp",
"--talk-name=org.gtk.vfs", "--talk-name=org.gtk.vfs.*" ],
"--talk-name=org.gtk.vfs", "--talk-name=org.gtk.vfs.*",
"tags": ["GTK+3", "nightly"],
"desktop-file-name-prefix": "(Nightly) ",
"build-options" : {
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