Commit 5c07d3b5 authored by Kevin Cozens's avatar Kevin Cozens

Added a getenv procedure to the ftx extension of Script-Fu.

parent e24795f1
......@@ -48,6 +48,8 @@ pointer foreign_diropenstream(scheme *sc, pointer args);
pointer foreign_dirreadentry(scheme *sc, pointer args);
pointer foreign_dirrewind(scheme *sc, pointer args);
pointer foreign_dirclosestream(scheme *sc, pointer args);
pointer foreign_getenv(scheme *sc, pointer args);
pointer foreign_time(scheme *sc, pointer args);
pointer foreign_gettimeofday(scheme *sc, pointer args);
pointer foreign_usleep(scheme *sc, pointer args);
......@@ -242,6 +244,31 @@ pointer foreign_dirclosestream(scheme *sc, pointer args)
pointer foreign_getenv(scheme *sc, pointer args)
pointer first_arg;
pointer ret;
char *varname;
const char *value;
if (args == sc->NIL)
return sc->F;
first_arg = sc->vptr->pair_car(args);
if (!sc->vptr->is_string(first_arg))
return sc->F;
varname = sc->vptr->string_value(first_arg);
value = g_getenv(varname);
if (value == NULL)
ret = sc->F;
ret = sc->vptr->mk_string(sc,value);
return ret;
pointer foreign_time(scheme *sc, pointer args)
time_t now;
......@@ -301,6 +328,9 @@ void init_ftx (scheme *sc)
int i;
sc->vptr->mk_foreign_func(sc, foreign_getenv));
sc->vptr->scheme_define(sc, sc->global_env,
sc->vptr->mk_foreign_func(sc, foreign_time));
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