Commit 541f730f authored by Simon Mueller's avatar Simon Mueller Committed by Michael Natterer

plug-ins: use g_fopen(filename, "w+b")...

...because g_fopen(filename, "wb+") fails on Windows.
parent c93727e7
......@@ -833,7 +833,7 @@ p_save_pointfile (BenderDialog *cd,
gint j;
FILE *l_fp;
l_fp = g_fopen(filename, "wb+");
l_fp = g_fopen(filename, "w+b");
if (!l_fp)
g_message (_("Could not open '%s' for writing: %s"),
......@@ -787,7 +787,7 @@ gfig_save_callbk (void)
savename = gfig_context->current_obj->filename;
fp = g_fopen (savename, "wb+");
fp = g_fopen (savename, "w+b");
if (!fp)
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