Commit 50bab438 authored by Ell's avatar Ell

app: don't depend on GimpData sort order for identifying internal data

In gimp_data_factory_data_foreach(), don't rely on internal
GimpData objects being sorted first (while this is currently true
for all types of GimpData, they may override the sort order.)
parent 5ac26782
......@@ -771,17 +771,12 @@ gimp_data_factory_data_foreach (GimpDataFactory *factory,
list = GIMP_LIST (factory->priv->container)->queue->head;
if (skip_internal)
while (list && gimp_data_is_internal (GIMP_DATA (list->data)))
list = g_list_next (list);
while (list)
GList *next = g_list_next (list);
callback (factory, list->data, user_data);
if (! (skip_internal && gimp_data_is_internal (list->data)))
callback (factory, list->data, user_data);
list = next;
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