Commit 5082f658 authored by Fatih Demir's avatar Fatih Demir

Added Turkish tips file.

parent 2d821716
2001-07-14 Fatih Demir <>
* tips/|makefile.mingw: Added to the
targets and re-ordered the tips files listings.
* tips/ Added Turkish tips file from Alper Ersoy.
2001-07-13 Michael Natterer <>
* app/appenv.h
......@@ -6,14 +6,15 @@ tipsdata_DATA = \
gimp_tips.txt \
gimp_tips.cs.txt \ \
gimp_tips.ja.txt \ \ \ \
gimp_tips.ja.txt \
gimp_tips.ko.txt \ \ \ \ \ \ \
EXTRA_DIST = $(tipsdata_DATA) \
# This is a list of tips for the GIMP. Every time the GIMP is
# started, one tip will be selected from this file and will be
# displayed in the "Tip of the day" dialog.
# - Lines starting with '#' are comments.
# - Blank lines or comments separate two tips (they are not ignored).
# Multiple blank lines are treated as one. If you want to have a
# blank line in a tip, put a space or tab in it.
# - Text will appear in the dialog as it is in this file. This is
# done on purpose in order to have more freedom in the layout of the
# tips than with automatic word-wrapping, but this also means that
# you have to avoid excessively long lines in this file.
# - Tips should be concise: 3 lines or less.
# - Advice for translators to other languages: keep the original tips
# as comments before the translated tips. It will be easier for
# other people to check for changes or additions.
# Tips in this file have been contributed by Zachary Beane, Mo Oishi,
# Raphael Quinet, Sven Neumann, Carey Bunks and other people on the
# gimp mailing lists and newsgroup (
# --------------------------------------------------------------------
# The first tip should be a welcome message, because this is the
# first thing that a new user will see.
# Welcome to the GIMP !
# Nearly all image operations are performed by right-clicking
# on the image. And don't worry, you can undo most mistakes...
GIMP'e hogeldiniz !
Nerdeyse tm resim ilemleri resim zerine sa fare tklamasiyla
gerekletirilir. Ve merak etmeyin, neredeyse tm hatalarnz geri
# Tips for beginners start here
# (for people who are not familiar yet with layers and image formats)
# You can get context-sensitive help for most of the GIMP's features by
# pressing the F1 key at any time. This also works inside the menus.
GIMP'in nerdeyse tm zellikleri hakknda ierik-duyarl yardm her zaman
F1 tuuna basarak alabilirsiniz. Bu ayrca menuler ierisinde de alr.
# The GIMP uses layers to let you organize your image. Think of them
# as a stack of slides or filters, such that looking through them you
# see a composite of their contents.
GIMP, resminizi organize edebilmeniz iin katmanlar kullanir. Bunlari
bir grup filtre veya slayt olarak dnebilirsiniz, ilerinden baktnzda
ieriklerinin komposizyonunu grrsnz.
# You can perform many layer operations by right-clicking on the text
# label of a layer in the "Layers, Channels and Paths" dialog
Katmanlarla ilgili birok ilemi, katmann "Katmanlar, Kanallar ve Yollar"
penceresindeki ismi zerine sa fare tklamasyla gerekletirebilirsiniz.
# When you save an image to work on it again later, try using XCF,
# the GIMP's native file format (use the file extension ".xcf").
# This preserves the layers and every aspect of your work-in-progress.
# Once a project is completed, you can save it as JPEG, PNG, GIF, ...
almanza sonra devam etmek zere bir resmi kaydederken, XCF'yi, GIMP'in
kendi dosya formatini deneyin (dosya uzants olarak ".xcf" kullann).
Bu format katmanlar ve almanzn tm zelliklerini saklar. Projeniz
tamamland zaman, resmi JPEG, PNG, GIF, vs. formatlarndan birinde
# The layer named "Background" it special because it lacks transparency.
# This prevents you from adding a layer mask or moving the layer up in
# the stack. You may add transparency to it by right-clicking in the
# "Layers, Channels and Paths" dialog and selecting "Add Alpha Channel".
"Arkaplan" isimli katman zel bir katmandr nk effafl yoktur.
Bu durum sizin ona katman maskesi ekleminizi veya katman sirasini
deitirmenizi engeller. effafl "Katmanlar, Kanallar ve Yollar"
penceresinde zerine sa tklayp "Alfa Kanal Ekle"yi seerek
# Most plug-ins work on the current layer of the current image. In
# some cases, you will have to merge all layers (Layers->Flatten Image)
# if you want the plug-in to work on the whole image.
Eklentilerin byk bir blm aktif resmin seili katman zerinde
alr. Baz durumlarda, eklentinin resmin tm zerinde almasn
isterseniz, katmanlar birletirmeniz gerekir (Katmanlar->Resmi Dzletir).
# Not all effects can be applied to all kinds of images. This is
# indicated by a grayed-out menu-entry. You may need to change
# the image mode to RGB (Image->Mode->RGB), add an alpha-channel
# (Layers->Add Alpha Channel) or flatten it (Layers->Flatten Image).
Her tr efekt her tr resme yaplamayabilir. Bu gri ile iaretlenmi
menu seeneinden anlalr. Resmin modunu RGB olarak deitirmeniz
(Resim->Mod->RGB), katmana alfa-kanal eklemeniz (Katmanlar->Alfa
Kanal Ekle), veya resmi dzletirmeniz (Katmanlar->Resmi Dzletir)
# Tips for intermediate users start here
# You can drag and drop many things in the GIMP. For example, dragging
# a color from the toolbox or from a color palette and dropping it into
# an image will fill the current image or selection with that color.
Pek ok eyi GIMP'e srkleyip birakabilirsiniz. rnein, alet kutusundan
veya renk paletinden bir rengi resmin zerine srkleyip brakmak, o resmi
veya seilmi alan o renkle dolduracaktr.
# When using a drawing tool (Paintbrush, Airbrush, or Pencil),
# Shift-click will draw a straight line from your last drawing
# point to your current cursor position. If you also press Ctrl,
# the line will be constrained to 15 degree angles.
izim aletlerinden birini kullanrken (Boya firas, Sprey, veya Kalem),
Shift baslyken fare tklamas en son izim yaptnz noktadan o anki
imle pozisyonuna dz izgi izecektir. Ayn zamanda Ctrl'ye basarsaniz,
izginin hareketi 15 derecelik alarla admlanacaktr.
# The file selection dialog box has command-line completion with
# Tab, just like the shell. Type part of a filename, hit tab, and voila!
# It's completed.
Dosya seme penceresi, Tab tuuyla, kabuk (shell) gibi komut satr
tamamlamasna sahiptir. Dosyann sadece bir ksmn yazn, Tab'a basn, ve
ite! Tamamlandi.
# You can reassign shortcut keys on any menu by bringing up the menu,
# selecting a menu item, and pressing the new shortcut key combination.
# This is dynamic and is saved when you exit GIMP.
Menlerdeki herhangi bir ksayol tuunu, meny ap, men seeneinin
zerine gelip yeni ksayol kombinasyonuna basarak yeniden tanmlayabilirsiniz.
Bu dinamiktir ve GIMP'ten ktnz zaman kaydedilir.
# You can use the middle mouse button to pan around
# the image, if it's larger than its display window.
Resim onu gsteren pencereden daha bykse, orta fare
dmesini kullanarak gr alann deitirebilirsiniz.
# Click and drag on a ruler to place a Guide on an image. All
# dragged selections will snap to the guides. You can remove
# guides by dragging them off the image with the Move tool.
Resim zerine bir klavuz koymak iin cetvellerden birinin zerine
tklayp srkleyin. Yapacanz tm alan seimleri klavuzlara
yapacaktr. Klavuzlar Tama aletiyle resim dna srkleyerek
# You can drag a layer from the "Layers, Channels and Paths" dialog
# and drop it onto the toolbox. This will create a new image
# containing only that layer.
"Katmanlar, Kanallar ve Yollar" penceresinden bir katman alet kutusu
penceresine tayabilirsiniz. Bu, sadece tadnz katmandan oluan
yeni bir resim oluturacaktr.
# A Floating Selection must be anchored to a new layer or to the last
# active layer before doing other operations on the image. Click on the
# New Layer or Anchor Layer buttons in the "Layers, Channels and Paths"
# dialog, or use the menus to do the same.
Yzen Seim'ler, resim zerinde herhangi bir ilem yaplmadan nce,
yeni veya son aktif katmana palanmaldr. "Katmanlar, Kanallar ve Yollar"
penceresindeki Yeni Katman veya Katman pala dmelerini, veya ayn eyi
yapan iin menleri kullann.
# The GIMP supports gzip compression on the fly. Just add
# ".gz" (or ".bz2", if you have bzip2 installed) to the filename
# and your image will be saved compressed. Of course loading
# compressed images works too.
GIMP annda gzip sktrmasn destekler. Sadece dosya isminin sonuna
".gz" (veya bzip2 sisteminizde kurulu ise, ".bz2") ekleyin ve resim
sktrlm olarak saklanacaktr. Tabii ki sktrlm resimlerin
yklenmesi de alr.
# Pressing and holding the Shift key before making a selection allows
# you to add to the current selection instead of replacing it. Using
# Ctrl before making a selection subtracts from the current one.
Bir alan seimi yapmadan nce Shift tuuna basl tutmak, eski alan
seimini silmek yerine ona ekleme yapmanz salar. Seim yapmadan
nce Ctrl'yi kullanmak o anki alan seiminden karma yapmanz salar.
# You can press or release the Shift and Ctrl keys while you are
# making a selection in order to constrain it to a perfect square
# or circle, or to have it centered on its starting point.
Seim yaparken, onu tam kare veya daire yapmak, veya balama noktasn
merkez almak iin Shift ve Ctrl tularna basabilir veya brakabilirsiniz.
# Using Edit->Stroke allows you to draw simple squares or circles by
# painting the edge of your current selection with the active brush.
# More complex shapes can be drawn with Filters->Render->Gfig.
Dzenleme->Darbe, o anki alan seiminin etrafini aktif frayla
boyayarak basit kareler veya daireler izmenizi salar. Daha komplike
ekiller Filtreler->Sunu->GFig ile izebilirsiniz.
# If you stroke a path (Edit->Stroke), the current drawing tool and its
# settings are used. You can use the Paintbrush in gradient mode, the
# Clone tool with a pattern or even the Eraser or the Smudge tool.
Eer bir yolu darbelerseniz (Dzenleme->Darbe), o anki cizim aleti ve onun
seenekleri kullanlr. Boya Frasn dereceli modda, Kopyalama aletini
bir desenle ve hatta Silgiyi veya Lekeleme aletini kullanabilirsiniz.
# You can create and edit complex selections using the Bezier tool.
# The "Paths" tab in the "Layers, Channels and Paths" dialog allows
# you to work on multiple paths and to convert them to selections.
Bezier aletiyle komplike ekiller yaratabilir ve deitirebilirsiniz.
"Katmanlar, Kanallar ve Yollar" penceresindeki "Yollar" sayfas pek ok
yol zerinde almanz ve onlar alan seimlerine dntrmenizi salar.
# You can use the paint tools to change the selection. Click on the
# Quick Mask button at the bottom left of an image window. Change your
# selection by painting in the image and click on the button again to
# convert it back to a normal selection.
Boyama aletlerini seim alann deitirmek iin kullanabilirsiniz. Sol
alt taraftaki Hzl Maskeleme dmesine basn. Boyama aletleriniyle resmi
boyayarak alan seimini deitirin ve tekrar ayn dmeye basarak normal
seime dnn.
# You can save a selection to a channel (Select->Save to Channel) and
# then modify this channel with any paint tools. Using the buttons in
# the "Channels" tab of the "Layers, Channels and Paths" dialog, you can
# toggle the visibility of this new channel or convert it to a selection.
Herhangi bir alan seimini bir kanala kaydedebilir (Seim->Kanala Kaydet)
ve bu kanal boyama aletleri yardmyla deitirebilirsiniz. "Katmanlar,
Kanallar ve Yollar" penceresinin "Kanallar" sayfasndaki dmeleri
kullanarak bu yeni kanaln grlp grlmemesini salayabilir veya
tekrar seim alanna dntrebilirsiniz.
# Tips for advanced users start here
# (this is mostly for learning shortcut keys)
# If your screen is too cluttered, you can press Tab multiple times
# in an image window to hide or show the toolbox and other dialogs.
Eer ekrannz ok fazla pencereyle blndyse, resim penceresinde
Tab tuuna birka kez basarak alet kutusu ve dier pencerelerin
grntlenip gizlenmesini salayabilirsiniz.
# You can adjust the selection range for fuzzy select
# by clicking and dragging left and right.
Bulank seimde seim alann, resme tklayp imleci saa sola
ekerek ayarlayabilirsiniz.
# Shift-click on the eye icon in the Layers dialog to hide all
# layers but that one. Shift-click again to show all layers.
"Katmanlar" sayfasndaki gz ikonuna Shift ile basarsanz, o
katman dndaki tm katmanlar gizlersiniz. Tekrar basarak
hepsini tekrar grnr yapabilrsiniz.
# Ctrl-click on the layer mask's preview in the Layers dialog
# toggles the effect of the layer mask.
"Katmanlar" sayfasndaki maske'nin n grntsne Ctrl ile birlikte
basarsanz, o maskenin efektini deitirirsiniz.
# Alt-click on the layer mask's preview in the Layers dialog
# toggles viewing the mask directly.
"Katmanlar" sayfasndaki maske'nin n grntsne Alt ile birlikte
basarsanz, maskenin dorudan grntlenmesini salarsnz.
# You can use Alt-Tab to cycle through all layers in an image
# (if your window manager doesn't trap those keys...).
Alt-Tab sayesinde bit resimdeki tm katmanlar srayla tek tek
seebilirsiniz. (pencere yneticiniz bu kombinasyonu kullanmyorsa...)
# Shift-click with the Bucket Fill tool to have it use
# the background color instead of the foreground color.
Kovayla Doldurma aletiyle Shift ile fareye tklarsanz, n plan
rengi yerine arka plan rengini kullanmasn salarsnz.
# Control-drag with the Transform tool in rotation mode
# will constrain the rotation to 15 degree angles.
Dntrme aletiyle dndrme modundayken, Ctrl'e basp srklerseniz
15 derecelik admlarla dnmesini salarsnz.
# You can adjust and re-place a selection by using Alt-drag.
Bir alan eiminin yerini tekrar ayarlamak iin Alt ile birlikte
# If your fonts turn out blocky, that's because they're not scalable
# fonts. Most X servers support scalable Type 1 Postscript fonts.
# Download and install them. Some font servers allow you to use
# TrueType (.ttf) fonts, which are also scalable.
Eer yaztipi karakterleriniz keli gzkyorsa, bu onlarn tekrar
leklenebilir olmayndan kaynaklanyordur. Bir ok X sunucusu
leklenebilir Type 1 Postscript karakterlerini destekler. Bunlar
indirip kullann. Baz sunucular da leklenebilir olan TrueType
(.ttf) karakterlerini kullanmanza olanak salar.
# To create a perfect circle, hold Shift while doing an ellipse select. To
# place a circle precisely, drag horizontal and vertical guides tangent to
# the circle you want to select, place your cursor at the intersection
# of the guides, and the resulting selection will just touch the guides.
Tam daire yapmak iin Elips Seim aletini kullanrken Shift'e basl tutun.
Daire seimi ince ayarla yerletirmek istiyorsanz, yaratmak istediiniz
dairenin teetleri olmak zere klavuzlar yerletirin, imleci klavuzlarn
kesime noktasna getirin, ve yapacanz seim klavuzlara dokunacaktr.
# If some of your scanned photos do not look colorful enough, you can
# easily improve their tonal range with the "Auto" button in the Levels
# tool (Image->Colors->Levels). If there are any color casts, you can
# correct them with the Curves tool (Image->Colors->Curves).
Taradnz fotoraflardan bazlar yeterince renkli gzkmyorsa, tonal
dizilerini Seviyeler aletininin (Resim->Renkler->Seviyeler) "Otomatik"
dmesine basarak kolayca gelitirebilirsiniz. Eer herhangi bir renk
savrulmas varsa bunu Eriler aletiyle (Resim->Renkler->Eriler)
# (end of tips)
......@@ -37,6 +37,9 @@ install : all
iconv -f KOI8-R -t UTF-8 $< >$@
iconv -f ISO-8859-9 -t UTF-8 $< >$@
iconv -f KOI8-U -t UTF-8 $< >$@
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